Victoria Secret

The Victoria Secret Fashion show 2011 ended with Nicki Minaj singing ‘Super bass’ The finale ‘Club Pink’ collection displayed neon colours, tutus and light up bras, which would be worn as outerwear to raves rather than the purpose of being just underwear. This related to the outfits made by ‘Contagious club wear’

Right Said Fred V’s LMFAO 

One hit wonder Right Said Fred released the legendary “I’m too Sexy” in 1991; 10 years later LMFAO joined the scene and released the “I’m sexy and I Know it” giving the original a run for its money. The narratives of their songs consist of drinking too much alcohol, partying too hard, and being too good looking. On closer inspection it seems that LMFAO have borrowed some features from our favourite decade the 90’s and invented them with more alcohol, more nudity and bigger and better dance moves. Let's compare LMFAO’s hit "Sexy and I Know It" to Right Said Fred's standard egotistic jam "I'm Too Sexy”. 
•Similar lyrics. 
•Repetitive chorus. 
 •Both songs incorporate the combination of talk/rap/singing. 
•Similar music videos: You'll notice even the aesthetics of the videos are the same:- Bikinis, men wearing very little, close ups of men flexing their pecks, men in places where their sexiness causes women to fawn after them. 
•Both videos have the lead singers prancing on catwalks. 
 If you don’t believe us- watch the video’s for yourself…